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An American millionaire, Mark Shaffer declared his Islam in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, 17th October

2009. Mark was at that time on a holiday in Saudi Arabia to visit some famous cities like Riyadh ,

Abha and Jeddah for 10 days.

Mark is a well-known millionaire and also a practiced lawyer in Los Angeles , specializing in cases

of civil laws. The last big case he handled was the case of the famous American pop singer, Michael

Jackson, a week before he passed away.

A tourist guide who accompanied Mark for 10 days in Saudi Arabia , Dhawi Ben Nashir told: Since he

set foot for the first time in Saudi Arabia , Mark already started to ask question about Islam and

Solat. As soon as he arrived in Saudi, Mark stayed in Riyadh for two days. While in Riyadh , Mark

was very interested in Islam. After moving to Najran, we went to Abha and Al-Ula. There, his

fascination on Islam grew more obvious, especially the time when we ventured out into the desert.

Mark was amazed to see three Saudi youths who were in our group in Al-Ula, performing solat in the

expanse of the very wide desert. A very fantastic panorama indeed.

After two days in Al-Ula, we went to Al-Juf. As soon as we arrived in Al-Juf, Mark asked if I could

get him some books on Islam. I then obtained some books on Islam for him. Mark read all those books.

The next morning, he asked me to teach him how to perform solat. I then taught him how to pray and

take wudhu (ablution). Then, he joined me and performed solat beside me..

After solat, Mark told me that he felt peace in his soul. On Thursday afternoon, we left Al-Ula

heading for Jeddah. He looked very serious throughout the journey reading those books about Islam.

On Friday morning, we visited the old town of Jeddah . Before the time for the Friday prayer

approached, we went back to the hotel and I excused myself to go for the Friday prayer. Then, Mark

told me: I would like to join you for the Friday prayer so that I can witness myself how the Friday

prayer is like. So I answered: welcome…

We then went to a masjid which was not far from the hotel where we stayed in Jeddah. Since we were

quite late, I and many other jamaah had to pray outside, as the number of jamaah was overflowing. I

could see Mark observing the jamaah, especially after the Friday prayer was completed, when

everybody was shaking hands and embracing each other with radiant and happy faces. Mark was very

impressed with what he saw.

When we return to the hotel, Mark suddenly told me that he wanted to become a Muslim. So I said to

him: Please have a shower first. After Mark took the shower, I guided him in saying the kalimah of

shahadah (declaration of faith) and then he prayed two rakaah. Later on, Mark expressed his desire

to visit the Masjidil Haram in Makkah and perform solat there before leaving Saudi Arabia

In order to fulfill his wish, we went to the Da’wah and Irshad office in the area of Al-Hamro’,

Jeddah, to obtain a formal proof of his conversion to Islam, so that he would be allowed to enter

the city of Makkah and Masjidil Haram. Then, Mark was given a temporary certificate of his

conversion to Islam. As a number of group members who participated in Mark’s visit to Saudi Arabia

had to go back to America on Saturday afternoon, Al-Hamdulillah, Ustadz Muhammad Turkistani was

willing to send Mark to the Holy Land of Makkah that same morning.

Regarding Mark’s visit to Masjidil Haram, Ustadz Muhammad Turkistani narrated: After Mark obtained

his temporary certificate, we straight away departed heading for the noble Masjidil Haram. When he

witnessed the Masjidil Haram, he face looked radiant and it emanated an extraordinary happiness.

When we entered the Masjidil Haram and witnessed the Ka’bah for ourselves, his happiness increased.

By Allah, I could not express that scene with words. After performing the tawaf around the noble

Ka’bah, we performed the sunnah solat and went out of Masjidil Haram. I could see Mark very

reluctantly wanting to leave Masjidil Haram.

After Mark declared his Islamic faith, he had the chance to express his happiness in Al-Riyadh

Newspaper saying: I could not express my feeling at this time but I am being reborn and my life has

just started… then he added: I am very happy. This happiness that I am feeling could not be

expressed in words especially when I visited the Masjidil Haram and noble Ka’bah.

Regarding his next step after his conversion to Islam, Mark explained: I will learn more about

Islam, I will delve deeper into this religion of Allah (Islam) and come back to Saudi Arabia to

perform the Hajj.

As to what impelled him into converting to Islam, Mark explained: I have already had information

about Islam, but it was very limited. When I visited Saudi Arabia and personally witnessed the

Muslims there, and saw how they performed the solat, I felt a very strong drive to know more about

Islam. When I read true information about Islam, I became confident that Islam is a religion of haq


Sunday morning, 18th October 2009, Mark left the Airport of King Abdul Aziz Jeddah heading for

America . When filling in the immigration form before leaving Jeddah, Mark wrote ISLAM as his


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