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Al-Aqsa Foundation menyeru agar umat Islam bersatu untuk menghentikan penggalian di bawah komplek Masjid Al-Aqsa yang dilakukan oleh Yahudi Israel, sambil mengatakan bahawa mereka telah menerima foto-foto terbaru yang menunjukkan pendudukan zionis Israel telah mempercepatkan dan semakin mengembangkan penggalian mereka dalam situasi yang belum pernah terjadi sebelumnya.

Dalam laporan yang diterbitkan pada hari Khamis lalu (21/10), Al-Aqsa Foundation menegaskan bahawa penggalian di bawah kompleks Al-Aqsa merupakan ancaman serius bagi Masjid Al-Aqsa.

Al-Aqsa Foundation telah menerima dan memeriksa foto-foto yang menunjukkan semakin luas dan besarnya penggalian yang dilakukan oleh zionis Israel di bawah kompleks masjid Al-Aqsa dan sekitarnya yang berdekatan sepanjang ratusan meter.

Ditambah bahawa foto-foto yang terbaru yang diterima, menunjukkan bahawa ada rangkaian terowong dan penggalian yang dilakukan oleh pendudukan Israel di bawah laut berdekatan dengan masjid Al-Aqsa, dan kemungkin ada dirancang untuk menyambung terowong ini.

Al-Aqsa Foundation menjelaskan juga bahawa rancangan penggalian tersebut merangkumi pembangunan pembinaan baru yang akan digunakan sebagai pusat kegiatan dalam ritual Talmud serta pusat tentera.
Yayasan tersebut menyatakan juga bahawa dari maklumat yang mereka dapat dari saksi-saksi penduduk tempatan, pendudukan Israel bekerja siang dan malam dengan beratus-ratus orang penggali dan pekerja, yang kebanyakan merupakan pekerja asing dari Asia timur yang sama sekali tidak memahami Bahasa Ibrani. (Fq / islamtoday)

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Each country has its own, the national sport. Soccer in the USA, Japan, sumo, ice hockey in Russia ... In Israel, despite the fact that many crazy about basketball and football, mostly like just a "cheer". Israelis are very hazardous and because of this character traits of our "national sport" has become ... lottery.

The law in Israel, forbids the existence of gambling. Despite the fact that the underground casinos exist anywhere in the country, you will not find the official gaming halls or casinos. Israel has a monopoly on gambling in the hands of the state and carried out by the two bodies (the National Lottery (Mifaley ha Pais) and the Committee on the settlement of gambling in the sport).They act on behalf of the State and the profits from gambling goes to finance public projects.

Especially gamblers, ready to try his luck at poker or a game of roulette, usually go abroad, for example in Egypt, where literally a hundred yards from an Israeli checkpoint, is Casino Taba, or go on a cruise on the liner, on board which usually also has a casino .

When you arrive in Israel you are sure to pay attention to numerous orange booths, around which is constantly crowded with people.This points sales of lottery tickets for the "ordinary people" who are not ready to go for broke and all the money exchanged for chips, contenting conventional lottery tickets for little money. In addition, virtually every tray, also can purchase tickets.

think that in Israel there are practically no people who are not trying to win the lottery.And I personally know people won a very good amount.There are many ways to tickle your nerves - different instant lottery, Winner (betting on sports results) and so on. But the most popular way - Lotto.

Game Rules Bingo is very simple: Need to guess 6 numbers out of 37 and one figure of 8, the so-called "strong figure." . Filled at least 2 strips. The cost of these strips - 5.60 shekels (about 1,5 $). To win a double win, there is a system of "Double Bingo".For every 2 bars you pay twice as much, but the possible gain is doubled.

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