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Spare ourselves from eating certain foods often Kalvesik and the acrid smell of herring or rabbit-like cats from being installed on the physical or some fish species, especially snakes, the intestines of cattle or a fragrance smell horrible, we do not know that there are some people eat foods may hit nausea but natural circulation in other cultures .. Today Snokzkm tour around the world to get to know the strangest food White "Albalot"

The first list of the most exotic foods in the world is the meal eggs "Albalot" in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, and usually takes a complete chick 28 days, but is Albalot eggs lap for 18 days only, get him on the Jenin real skeleton is primitive and has the properties different food than in normal eggs, so the men used sexual tonic effect for sure, but if anyone think of this experience recommends the experts to do so with caution because the essential cholesterol eggs.

When when age becomes an egg from 16: 20 days they are ready to move into markets where it is boiled for thousands of customers connoisseurs to this food, and this depends on the size of the egg, the egg and keep the 18 days is preferable, as the vendors sponge washed well, and after becoming Clean complete form in a pot and climb.

The "Rocky Mountain oysters" are not of seafood, as some believe, but a specialty cowboy who neutering calves, which are delicious eating some call Jewels and others call it "Viagra."

Famous restaurants Kloloredua to provide "_khasyat" livestock in the dishes and some drinks traditional local meal, the restaurant is famous for "Denver" Since 1893, the oldest local delights of America, and some customers are still unaware of the contents of the dish.

The reaction while discovering whether its order before eating, during or after may be one of extremes, from trauma to the great displeasure of happiness and requested by another dish, and thought lovers dish or drink, "Almkasi" bull's testicles that can improve the strength of nationality, This belief is still prevalent even today because they believe that it contains the male hormone, are involved in this belief dish soup said Ghazal.

This quick meal extraordinary famous Thai capital Bangkok and the province, specifically "Kuncain" which is located 200 miles north is home to the beetles, "Manege Kodji" delicious taste as they are called the people of this country, these beetles inhabiting rice paddies where the adoption of nests and feed on a buffalo dung and water.

To become a delicious taste of this insect should be fresh out of Ruth, and there are more than 200 species of dung beetle can choose from in Thailand, and to identify the type of food indicates the best specialists in this matter it must be of excellent quality is not great or small in size has no horns would become difficult to chew this insect delicious!

Farmers Basttiyadha and washed with water, then placed the extent of cooking with other ingredients like lemon, onion, oil, herbs, salt and fried on the fire.

And best of all are those from Ruth fresh buffalo or cow, known Taster dung beetle expert in secret while dealing with disarmament of the legs and wings first then tends head and paid directly into his mouth, and Khavs nutty taste and the composition of the diet light, and this explains its popularity in Thailand

The international experts argue that the combination of this insect faecal make it into one of beneficial nutrients, which contain the beetle on the protein and half the fat, calcium, and five times the iron found in hamburger meat, so they perceive the dung beetle, healthy food and useful.
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